Count your lucky stars!

Yesterday I nearly died in my closet.

Ok, maybe I’m being a tad overly dramatic, but looking back, I am pretty thankful.

I was cramming as much as possible on the shelf, as my boyfriend moved in a month ago, and some of his stuff is still on the floor in my room.  Since I’m just sitting around the house all day I thought I’d get even more organized!

Huge mistake.

Standing on my short girl stool, with a huge box in my hand, I started to set it on the shelf.  Then suddenly *BOOM*.  The entire shelf, and everything hanging on it came crashing down.

My roommate came rushing in.  I was standing in my walk in closet, still on the short girl stool with stuff all around me.  I was boxed in by my clutter.  Somehow, in all the crashing down, nothing hit me.  Since I was standing on a stool, I would’ve fallen into something for sure.

As I stood there embarrassed, shaking and a little sweaty (it’s hot in Florida!) I was mad.  “Crap, I’m gonna have to pay for this!”

An hour later, after dragging everything off the floor and into my living room, I thought, “wow, I could’ve been seriously injured today.”  And, since I’m jobless that means insurance-less.

I may not have it all, or even close, but I feel darn lucky and thankful today!


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