The Color Run

Yesterday my roommate and I (and a few other friends) completed The Color Run.

I hate to use “completed”, because it’s a very casual 5K. They don’t even encourage running. There’s not really a starting line (if there was, we didn’t use it) and it wasn’t a timed event.

We just walked around downtown Orlando waiting to get paint power sprayed on us!  It was awesome!!!

After the “run”, they had a leaf blower (seriously, it was a back pack leaf blower) to get some of the dust off. Unfortunately, that took off 99% of the paint on my shirt. Rumor has it that vinegar sets the paint in. So, at home I got my shirt a little damp (to let the colors run a tad), then sprayed it with vinegar. Then I put the shirt in a plastic bag and it’s sitting in the sun. We’ll see if that does anything.

I can’t wait to do it again next year.





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