New Years Resolutions

Love them or hate them … we all make resolutions.  Some keep them internal, some ignore them, and some attempt them.

I’m an ‘attempter’.

This blog is one of my attempts.  Like I posted before, my friend Brad texted me out of the blue saying he wasn’t going to participate in my “photo-a-day” challenge this year.  (which is awesome – I’m on year #4!).  Instead he was going to challenge himself to do a “blog-a-day”.

I’m not sure if he suggested I do it too, or if I just stole his idea.  I can’t quite remember.  Either way, let the “blog-a-day” begin!

I don’t consider my “photo-a-day” challenge a resolution, b/c by year 4 it’s just habit.  I just LOVE looking back at my shutterfly albums filled with 365 photos.

Other than blogging, no major resolutions here.  I gained over 15 pounds last year.  I call them my “new boyfriend 15”.  I’d love to get rid of that.

In addition, since my closet collapsed on itself, I should really commit to getting rid of EVERYTHING.

Last year was supposed to be “Bucket List 2012”.  I completed a few things off my bucket list, but I left way too many on there.  Once again, I blame that on the new boyfriend for hogging all my time.  I’ll keep putzing away on the bucket list this year as well.

How about you?  Are you an internalizer with your resolutions or are you super serious about keeping them this year?


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