DIY – my Color Run t-shirt

Somebody told me to preserve my Color Run t-shirt with vinegar.

I never verified this random tid bit of info, but I figured it won’t hurt.  After the “run” on Sunday, I took my shirt off (I was wearing a sports bra!) and sprayed vinegar on it.  I seriously HATE the smell of vinegar.

I did this in the sink, so I also splayed a bit of water on the shirt to blend in the power paint.

Side note – I totally should NOT have gone thru the leaf blower at the end of the Color Run.  That took off sooooo much power paint.  Nuts.

I also poured some salt on the shirt.  I seem to remember from my tie-dying days that salt helps set colors.  I could be way off on this.

I put the shirt in a plastic bag and set it out on the back porch to “boil”.  Remember, I live in Florida, and it’s been in the low 80s all week.

Sitting in the porch in a bag:


The colors weren’t looking very vibrant, but they were still there! My roommate immediately tossed her shirt in the washing machine, and most of the color came out, except for a huge blob of blue.

Shirt out of the bag:

DSC00840 DSC00841

The back looks pretty awesome!

It’s not like I’m going to wear this shirt around as a stylish piece of clothing.  I suppose it will be another ‘hitting the gym’ shirt.

I’m letting it dry now, then I guess I’ll wash it; it smells like vinegar!!!  I’m afraid what will happen when I wash it though …


7 thoughts on “DIY – my Color Run t-shirt

  1. I have been looking online and it says to spray with the vinegar and then iron it. Maybe it will work next time. I did one yesterday and before the race it rained so the colors sank into the shirt. I’m going to try the vinegar and iron. 🙂

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