My schedule …

Not having a job is embarrassingly starting to grow on me.  I’ve got my silly schedule and I’m loving it.

8:45am – I get out of bed when my boyfriend leaves for work.  He wakes me up around 8am, but I fake sleep, casually chat with him while he gets ready.

9-10am – My daily walk!

10-11am – I eat breakfast while watching TV and take a shower

11am-1pm – Mess around on the computer.  Mostly I work on the website I’m an editor for.  It’s a new thing, and super part time.  The Wedding Atlas … fun stuff!  I’m in charge of Colorado, Florida and Alaska!

1-3pm – Criminal Minds reruns!  And some lunch thrown in there.  I still eat what I would’ve eaten for lunch at my job.  Turkey sandwich!

3-4pm – What Not To Wear!

4-6pm – My roommate got my hooked on 4 Weddings.  It’s on TLC right after What Not To Wear.  I try to turn it off, but I just can’t!!!  I’m really embarrassed about that.

6-7:30pm – I aimlessly wander around my apartment waiting for my boyfriend to get home.  I don’t like this time of the day.  In fact, I HATE it.  I’m deathly bored, and I have nothing to do.

There you have it!  The life of a (for now) unemployed 37 year old!


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