DIY – lovey dovey state print

Job Countdown – 26 days

I plan to give this to my boyfriend on the cruise (if I get it in the mail in time), but like any good boyfriend, he doesn’t read my blog. (ha ha ha!)

I ‘borrowed’ the idea from pintrest.

I changed the words a tad because it’s always kind-of weird and mystical how 2 people end up at a certain point.  My boyfriend is from Sarasota, FL (on the west coast) and I’m from Illinois.  Yet we somehow both ended up in the same office building at just the right time.

I DIY’ed it using photoshop.  I just found a FL state clip art and a random heart.

He’s going to totally care less about this gift, but I had fun making it!  So that’s all that counts.

My version:


Pintrest version:

Picture 1


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