This is normal … right?!?

Does anybody else snack this way?

It’s not OCD or anything, but it just makes me smile.

If there are multiple colors of something (like these 50% off Christmas gummy bears, or Skittles, or M&Ms), I always grab 1 of each color.

Once a color runs out, I’m honestly no longer interested in snacking any longer …



DIY – turquoise skull bracelets

Who knew that Michael’s sold such cute beads? The bead isle was HUGE! So much to choose from.

Also, the store was closing in 15 minutes, so I felt so rushed looking at everything.

I bought some elastic and the beads. I already owned the small sparkly beads in my craft pile.

It was really hard to jam the tiny beads in the elastic (I thought I bought the smallest size), so that was a pain, but I think it all worked out in the end!

Love it! I have enough to make 2 more. Yippee!

Top 3 Tuesday – Movies I can’t stop watching

Do you ever turn on the TV, find a movie and say, “looks like I’m not going anywhere for the next 2 hours!!”  Even though you’ve seen that movie 100 times?  Heck, you probably even own it on DVD.

Here goes … the “top 3 movies I can’t help but watch over and over and over again”.

They aren’t my favorite movies by any means … maybe they are like train wrecks.  I can’t just look away.

1.  Step Brothers – at one point in my life I watched this movie every Wednesday (saved on my DVR).  It makes me laugh every time.  And the movie quotes are endless.  “There’s just so much room for activities!!!”  “Did we just become best friends?!?  Yup!”
Picture 1

2. Deep Blue Sea – Samuel L. Jackson. Enough said!
Picture 2

3. Yes Man – I enjoy Jim Carrey (although I enjoy most of his stuff), but there’s just something about this movie.  Maybe it’s the message to say “yes” to everything.  I know it’s a little redic, but it’s honestly not a bad idea.  It gets you out there to see the world!  You never know what will happen when you get off the couch.
Picture 3

How about you? Any movies you just can’t get enough of?


Is anybody else obsessed with storage boxes?

Ok, ok … I hate to use the word “obsessed”, but I do have way too many of them.

Last month they were $2 each at Michael’s! Naturally I bought 5.

Now, if I can only find junk to put in them …

I miss you already!

10 pounds ago I wore all these clothes.

That was only 1 year ago.  Before the “new boyfriend weight” came.  I had also just finished the WDW marathon, so that probably helped a little bit too.

So I could be 10 pounds lighter again.  It’s not like I’m trying to wear my high school jeans again or anything.

But you know what, hanging on to old stuff is so blah.  And it kind-of makes me feel like crap.

So I made the decision to toss it!  (well, donate it)

See you later smaller shorts!  Maybe I’ll re-buy you in a few months!  (man, I hope so!)


I love you THIS much!

My Shutterfly prints came in!

My boyfriend was THRILLED when I showed him his present.  (not!)

Me: “Go look at your nightstand! Go look at your nightstand!”
Him:  “Meh!”

Larger shot. I saw this on pintrest (where else?).

I was in a semi-crafty mood when I was about to order Shutterfly prints. I took this photo of us kissing (awwwwwww!) on the Disney Dream cruise ship, googled “cheesy love quotes” and photoshop elements did the rest.

Up close (woah … that’s a little too up close!!!)

Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Siesta Key, FL

When:  Spring 2012

Backstory:  I took this photo on my first trip to Siesta Key (Sarasota, FL) with my not-quite-yet boyfriend.  The pintrest quote works perfectly since, this one random day kind-of was the kick off to (what has been so far) the rest of my life!

sunflowers large