DIY – fabric heart garland

I’ve been thinking about this project for a long time. Since I have all this job-less free time, I finally got off my lazy butt and made it happen.

Almost … as you can see, I’m still in thew pre-sewing phase.

I “think” I stole this idea from Made (Dana Made It). Man, her blog and family are just adorable. I want to be her friend.

Step 1:  I took scraps of fabric, made a heart template (out of a thick perfume ad from Cosmo) and started cutting. Well, I started putting on movies and casually started cutting …

End result – tons and tons of hearts!

Step 2:  Put on more movies and start pinning.  That random pile of ribbon is just leftover ribbon.  Every time I see a strand of ribbon I hoard it away.

As you can see, I’m hanging them vertical instead of horizontal. I though horizontal would just look floppy.

They are double sided and ready for some rough stitching. You’ll totally be able to see the thread, and that’s what I wanted. Kind-of rough looking and homemade-y.

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