New Dress A Day wannabe – crazy oversized leopard shirt

In my quest to be more productive before my job starts, more refashioning!

It started with a shirt my roommate gave me. She wanted to throw it away. As you can see, it’s huge. Also, my pajamas are awesome!

First I cut a small hole in the bottom ribbing and threaded some elastic thru it.  The bottom will now be the top of my skirt!

Done with elastic!

I pinned a line where to sew the arm holes “off”, since I’m making this into a skirt.  I trimmed the bottom a tad, but I didn’t hem it since it’s stretchy t-shirt material.  No hemming required!

And I’m done!  It’s all raggedy on the bottom since that was the floppy neck hole.  I’m just going to leave it.  It’s unlike any skirt I would normally pick, but that’s why I kind-of like it!

Thanks New Dress A Day for the inspiration!


2 thoughts on “New Dress A Day wannabe – crazy oversized leopard shirt

  1. That’s cute! My daughter has a tunic with that ragged edge hemline. It’s a very cute style. I’m in the process of stitching a skirt from a t-shirt, but I took a different route. I used the bottom of the shirt as the hem line of the skirt and stitched a band around the top (with a few pleats to make it fit my measurements). It’s my first skirt, so I guess I’ll see what happens when it’s finished.

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