Top 3 Tuesday – Rides at the Magic Kingdom

Introducing a random new blog addition … my Top 3 Tuesday lists!

For my first ‘top 3’ I’ll head to the most magical place on Earth.  The Magic Kingdom in Florida!

Top 3 rides at the Magic Kingdom (in my opinion of course):

1.  Splash Mountain – I remember as a teenager (during my first trip in the late 80s), when you were able to line up at the front and RUN as fast as you could to Splash Mountain.  So unsafe, and so awesome!

Picture 1

2.  Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s a classic that keeps getting better, thanks to the awesome movies.

Picture 2

3.  Buzz Lightyear – any ride that I can physically “do something” is awesome in my book.  I can never manage to get the highest of high scores (999,999) except for 1 time when the ride stopped moving, so I had a solid 10 minutes to fire at the volcano in the first main sequence.

Picture 3

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