How I saved $15 at Ikea …

Yesterday I went to Ikea and fell in love.

Instead of following the yellow arrows up the stairs, I always immediately hit the “as is” section first.  I’ve found a lot of cool stuff back there, and yesterday was no exception.

I found these 2 beauties:

Picture 3 Picture 1

Awesome! As much as orange, white and gray is kind-of a hot combination, I decided to buy the blue one. I really fought back my restraint in buying BOTH blues ones that were on sale. They are REALLY tall (80″). I don’t even know where I would put both of them.

But I decided to buy 1. It was only $35! What a great deal for a huge bookshelf!

The problem was, it was a floor model, so it was already put together.

Step 1:  Deconstruct it!

This was very, very, VERY challenging.

DSC01051 DSC01052

Step 2: Carry it upstairs to my 2nd floor apartment piece by piece.


Step 3:  Figure out how to put it back together again with out any instructions.  Oddly enough, this step was a piece of cake!


I love it soooooooo much! All the hassle of taking it apart and putting it back together was totally worth the $15 savings (almost!!)


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