Super Bowl Bingo

Remember this for next years Super Bowl Party.

Super Bowl bingo is great for people who could care less about the game!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Write about 40 things that could happen during the game and the commercials.

For example: punt, pass interference,  monkey in a commercial, talking animal commercial, Jay Z. sighting, woman sideline reporter, safety, 30+ yard field goal, Frank Gore TD, QB rushing TD, Ravens TD, penalty on #90 or higher, etc …

Step 2:  Make quick BINGO sheets.

Step 3:  Print out your 40-ish things into little slips of paper.

Step 4:  Have your party guests pick from the pile of papers and fill in their BINGO sheet.  I don’t give anybody a free space, but you can put your random slips of paper in any order.  So save “punt” or “beer commercial” for the center squares.

Enjoy cheering when a team throws an interception or you see a commercial with a talking baby.





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