New Dress a Day wannabe – striped shirt

The new job is so close!  Must.  Take.  Advantage.  Of.  This.  Free.  Time.  At.  Home!

(I must admit, I’m getting bored.  Bring on a job!)

I bought this giant candy striped shirt for $1!  I’m loving working with stripes.  It makes sewing and pinning a straight line SOOOOOOOO easy!

Step 1: Cut off sleeves.

Step 2: Cut sleeves in half. Pin triangle pieces for boob coverage (I don’t need a lot of boob coverage – ha!). Pin other piece for back straps.

Step 3: Cut top off. This will sit under my chest.

Step 4: Here’s my favorite part (not). Pin and pray!!!!!!!

Step 5: Elastic up the hem under my chest.

Step 6: I used some left over strap pieces to cover up the boob part and the strap part. I’m not super thrilled with them. I’ll keep thinking about alternatives …

Ta-da!  And it has a POCKET!  Yipee!!!stripes


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