New Dress a Day wannabe – “The Masumi”

This might be one of my favorites!  And I start my job in 1 week from today!!!  Eeek.  Let’s see how many crafts, sewing projects and pintrest things I can cram in the next 7 days.

I call this dress “The Masumi” after a very stylish ex-co-worker.  Side story – where I used to work, we got interns from Japan who would work with us for 1 year.  They were all so awesome, and it was super sad when their 1 year was up.

Masumi was one of the awesomest interns.  And she was the most stylish.  She’s like a doll!  (you can probably assume which one she is.  I mean, the other girl is cute too …)

Picture 2

So, to create “The Masumi”, I started with a giant skirt (and I mean giant) that I purchased for only $1. Yup, that’s me and my boyfriend both wearing the skirt.  He’s clearly trilled to take this photo with me.


Step 1: Slim it down! Then cut off the rest.


Step 2: Love that fact that this skirt came with a zipper! Now it can be a ‘strapless’ dress that actually fits my bust!

Step 3: Use the extra fabric to make straps. I had JUST the right amount.  It was going to be a close call.

Step 4: Pinch under the boobs for better fit, and ta-da! I love it! (that black fabric belt is something I already had).
Picture 1



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