New Dress A Day wannabe – giant waffle shirt

The new job is starting soon, so I need to bust out the “chore” list as fast as possible!

I bought this giant waffle shirt at Wal-mart last summer.  I think it was $3.  I always envisioned it as a dress, but with all this free time on my hands, I suddenly knew what to do!

Step 1:  cut the sleeves off and the neck.

Step 2:  slimmed up the sides a tad.

Step 3:  I took the sleeves, cut them open, and I’m going to use these to cover my enormous (ha ha!) chest.  Turns out, I only needed 1 sleeve, for my entire chest!

Step 4:  I took the other sleeve, cut it in half and made straps.

Step 5:  (the worst step)  Then I started pinning and praying.  Pinning and more praying!  I also played with elastic!

Step 6:  The spot where the chest covering pieces and the straps met wasn’t cute. Thankfully I had the teeniest, tiniest piece of fabric left.  So I tied them up, and done!  I seriously love those little ties!!!



4 thoughts on “New Dress A Day wannabe – giant waffle shirt

  1. That looks so nice!! Think it was a good thing that the spot where the straps meant the dress didn’t look good at first because the ties you added make it look unique. What does the back look like?

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