New Dress a Day wannabe – librarian sweater

I got a call from my new job.  I actually start next Tuesday instead of Monday because of President’s Day!  It’s kind-of cool that this new company recognizes even ‘minor’ holidays.  Yipee!

This was a quick refashion!

Before – a sweater that reminded me of a librarian.  Hence I’m holding a book for my gorgeous fashion shoot.  (Because of Winn Dixie).  🙂  I’m growling at the puffy sleeves.

Step 1:  Shorten the arms.  I also cut off the maroon cuff.

Step 2:  Stitch the cuff on the shortened arm.  This was a minor pain in the arse since, obviously, the blue arm is larger up top, so the maroon cuff was too small.  So I had to put a few darts in it the blue part.  And it’s a SWEATER, so that was some thick stitching!

Step 3:  I made some pockets out of the left over arms.  Who doesn’t love pockets?!?  And, when it doubt my motto is “sew a felt heart on it!”

Step 4:  Ta-da!  This was super easy.  I feel like this is more “hipster” than dewy decimal system.  However, I could be way off.  Ha!

heart sweater


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