Top 3 Tuesday – Epcot rides

Enjoy my Top 3 rides at Epcot.

This was a pretty easy list, since Epcot isn’t exactly full of “rides”.

1.  Captain EO – it’s amazingly, awesomely, horrible.  I especially love the song at the end.  “You’re just another part of me … a hee hee!”

Picture 2

2.  Soarin’ – You can fly (over California)!

Picture 1

3.  O’ Canada – Yes, I said it.  The circlevision 360 movie in Canada is awesome!  You go Martin Short!

Picture 3


4 thoughts on “Top 3 Tuesday – Epcot rides

  1. That cracked me up about Captain EO. When it reopened here at Disneyland, I rushed to see and relive all of those fond 80’s Tomorrowland memories. It is so bad!!!! I can’t watch it without giggling the entire way though.

    • Same here! I rushed to see it in Orlando when it opened. I left thinking, “this is what I couldn’t get enough of in the 80s?!?”.

      I still love the 2 MJ songs in the movie.

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