New job jitters!

Well, the “be productive until the new job starts” is over.

I started yesterday!

That was just orientation, so not a whole lot of learning happened.

I’m naturally kind-of shy, so “first days” aren’t really my strong suit. I think some people think “shy” really means “bitch”, since I don’t talk too much. I’m really not better than you, I just don’t know what to say!

Thankfully we have 2 super talkative girls in class, so those personalities always bring out the talkative girly girl in me.

I’m super DUPER excited to dive into actual hands-on training, just to prove how much ass I can kick. Maybe that makes me a bitch. I hope not.

Wish me luck!

Oh – another crazy note about my first day. I SET MY ALARM WRONG!!!

I’m my defense I haven’t had to set an alarm in over a month. I got the AM and PM wrong. By some sort of miracle I woke up and looked at my phone at 7:40am (I had set my alarm for 7:30am). That left no time for a bowl of cereal, but plenty of time (20 minutes) to shower and get read. Heck yeah, I can get fully ready in 20 minutes. I’m awesome. 🙂


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