I’m embarrassed to admit …

… or maybe I’m not so embarrassed to admit.

I found a great deal on bras last weekend at Target. I got a 2 pack for $9!

The minor embarrassing part is that I found them in the little kids section.

Why Target is selling underwire and slightly padded bras for little kids is kind-of concerning to me, but I say “thank you!”

It’s not ever day that I can find a bra that fits me (34 A … if A- was a size, then I’d buy that), so I was super excited to find a 2 pack on sale!

I’m made I only bought the purple/white combo pack, and not the pink/plaid pink combo back too. Nuts.

3 thoughts on “I’m embarrassed to admit …

  1. I’ve been in the “bras don’t fit” boat my whole life… I was a AA on one side and a AAA on the other before I finally gave in to my own vanity and had surgery. Now I’m a 30D (which believe me is NOT as big as it sounds, it’s a similar size to 32C, or 34B), and NOBODY carries that size bra. I have to have them all special ordered because now that I’m not buying my bras in the training department, nobody carries a 30 band size ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Kudos on the 2-pack though, I used to get excited about those too lol Be brave, wear plaid underwear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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