Top 3 Tuesday – Movies I can’t stop watching

Do you ever turn on the TV, find a movie and say, “looks like I’m not going anywhere for the next 2 hours!!”  Even though you’ve seen that movie 100 times?  Heck, you probably even own it on DVD.

Here goes … the “top 3 movies I can’t help but watch over and over and over again”.

They aren’t my favorite movies by any means … maybe they are like train wrecks.  I can’t just look away.

1.  Step Brothers – at one point in my life I watched this movie every Wednesday (saved on my DVR).  It makes me laugh every time.  And the movie quotes are endless.  “There’s just so much room for activities!!!”  “Did we just become best friends?!?  Yup!”
Picture 1

2. Deep Blue Sea – Samuel L. Jackson. Enough said!
Picture 2

3. Yes Man – I enjoy Jim Carrey (although I enjoy most of his stuff), but there’s just something about this movie.  Maybe it’s the message to say “yes” to everything.  I know it’s a little redic, but it’s honestly not a bad idea.  It gets you out there to see the world!  You never know what will happen when you get off the couch.
Picture 3

How about you? Any movies you just can’t get enough of?


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