Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Ko Olina, Hawaii (Oahu)

When:  August, 2011

Backstory:  During my stay at Disney’s resort in Hawaii (Aulani), I took a long walk down a winding beach path.  This was the view near the end of the path looking back towards the resort.  It’s so quiet and beautiful.



My new schedule

I’m kind-of loving my silly new ‘life’ schedule.

I have a new job.  Naturally I have the worst hours.  I work 11:30am-8pm.

This leaves me no time to do anything in the morning and pretty much no time in the evening.

However, I modified my life to make me feel normal.

I sleep in until 10:15am.  This give me time to wake up, eat breakfast and leave early for work (since I have to fight Spring Break traffic).  This way, I’m waking up and leaving right for work … just like normal people!

I get home around 9pm and stay up until 1am!  This way, I’m bumming around for a few hours before I go to bed … just like normal people!

Staying up until 1am is a big deal to me, since I normally go to bed around 9pm!  But I’ve been forcing myself to stay up really late, and it’s totally working.

Also, my fiance gets off work at 11:45pm, so we get to spend a little time together before we go to bed.  Otherwise, we would literally NEVER see each other.  And that’s no good.

Wedding Wednesday: I’m consumed!

This is embarrassing for me to admit.  I always thought weddings were silly.  Well, the event itself isn’t silly, but blowing $10K and up on 5 hours seems silly to me.

And now I’m doing it.  And the thought excites me!

Well, the thought of planning something and making it happen excites me.  Spending money on dumb stuff DOES NOT excite me.  In fact, it kind-of keeps me up at night.

I honestly can’t stop thinking about this wedding.  And it’s over 200 days away!

Nobody wants to hear boring wedding plans (they might pretend, but nobody really wants to), but it’s ALWAYS ON MY MIND.  I find it hard to sleep sometimes because I keep thinking about it.

Am I alone in this obsessive madness?

Geez, I need a hobby quick!

Top 3 Tuesday – Rides at Animal Kingdom

This was another easy list for me.  Animal Kingdom used to be boring to me, but now it’s just a great place to hang out!

1.  Dinosaur.  This is actually my ALL TIME favorite ride at all of Walt Disney World!
Picture 1

2.  Kilimanjaro Safari.  It’s different every time!
Picture 2

3.  It’s Tough to be a Bug.  I love this 3D movie.  It’s terrifying for little kids (I assume … actually I don’t assume.  I kind-of like not watching the movie and watching small children freak out).
Picture 1

We are here to pump *clap* you up!

I’ve had a genius idea!

I’d enjoy toning up my arms a tad.  What woman won’t?  I mean, we all have that dangly flab of skin shaking when we wave.

So I’m going to attempt to do 200 arm curls or lifts (I don’t know what to call them, but it’s just lifting the weights straight up) EACH week.

I bought 5lb dumbbells from Target.

Let’s see when I start falling off the wagon …

Wish me luck!


Have you ever had to pee so bad that you’re running thru the house to the bathroom.

And you’re running so fast that you pass right by your iphone on the coffee table.

Then you stop and look back and think, “having my iphone in the bathroom might be fun.”

But you have to pee so bad, so back tracking to get your phone would take too long.

You sprint off to the bathroom, sit down, then think, “man, my iphone would really come in handy right now!”