When in doubt … add a heart!

I’m pretty un-girly.  I don’t own a lot of pink.  I don’t like romantic movies.  I’m wearing sweatpants shorts right now.

However, my DIY answer to everything seems to be “add a felt heart to it!”

I think it all started with this pintrest find and I thought, “I can make that!”
Picture 1

Last year I bought a dark and ominous t-shirt from Wal-Mart and I tried to liven it up! I feel a little “Queen of Hearts” in this t-shirt.

Up next was a “way too small” sweater, so I made it into a cardigan … and added a heart!

Another boring cardigan that I wanted to liven up! (my gosh, taking photos of myself is HORRIBLE!)

I really liked sewing on this purple heart using all different colored thread. I thought I was cool.

And the finale – grandma sweater turned hipster-ish!


2 thoughts on “When in doubt … add a heart!

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