Is my tongue black?

I love black jellybeans. Who’s with me?

Remember when they used to sell bags (around Easter time) of JUST black jellybeans? Boy, I miss those days. It seemed like nobody else liked them but me, since they were ALWAYS on mega sale after Easter. Makes sense why nobody makes them anymore.

For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me this random bag of black licorice from (I think) World Market. Even though the bag clearly says “cats”, I was giggling hysterically when I poured the bag out, and they were all licorice cats.

The bag says, “It is a great privilege that I can share with you some of my favorite licorices from Holland, where licorice can be … found in a large variety. Yes, the Dutch are truly the consummate connoisseurs of black licorice. There is no country in the world that has a higher consumption of licorice.”

I wonder if I’m part Dutch?


Look at the silly cat!

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