New Dress a Day wannabe – men’s work shirt into pencil skirt!

Warning – this isn’t my favorite remake of all time. It was my first shot at a pencil skirt.

I took one of my boyfriend’s button up shirts that he was going to get rid of.DSC01103

I bought some gray bias tape from Walmart too.

Step 1:  Cut the skirt out using one of my other (thrift store!) skirts.

Step 2:  Sew up the sides.

Step 3:  Pin and pray!!!!!  I used black thread because A) I thought the contrast would be kinda cool and B) I was too lazy to take it out of my sewing machine.

Here’s a close up of the results.

Step 4:  More pinning (and less praying).  I didn’t want to hem the bottom, so bias tape the the rescue!


It’s not the most flattering thing in the world … but it was a good effort.

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