French Toast – yum!

One of my favorite lunches or dinners is French Toast! (I’m not a ‘hot breakfast’ person. Give me cereal anyday.)

It’s so easy to make!

Step 1: I use 2 eggs a splash of milk (skim), cinnamon and flax seed.  Oh, and of course bread!  2 pieces for me please.  (P.S.  I put flax seed in everything!)

Toss everything into a shallow bowl and mix together with a fork.

I like to cut my bread into strips.  It’s easier to eat (I eat with my hands!) and it’s easier to cram both slices of bread into the frying pan.

Soak both sides of bread in your egg/milk slop.

Fry!  I cook for about 4 minutes to get the bread firm, then flip for 3 minutes, then flip one more time for 3 min.  Careful – it will burn quickly!


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