Top 3 Tuesday – Rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In no particular order … my 3 favorite rides at DHS!.  This list was a no brainer.

1.  Toy Story Mania.  It has a 60+ minute wait every day, but it’s totally worth it.  Actually, it’s not worth it for somebody that lives 3 miles from Disney and has gone a million times.  But it’s almost worth it!

2.  Tower of Terror.  I loved when Disney made 12 or so different drop sequences.  So now you have no idea what to expect.  Plus, getting a “car” full of friends and all posing ridiculous is one of my favorite things to do.
Picture 1

3.  Muppets 3D.  I just love the Muppets.  Heck, if this was a ‘top 4’ list, I’d probably list the Muppets gift shop!  And have you every walked around the queue line that nobody uses anymore?  It’s amazing awesome!  There so so many hidden creatures back there.
Picture 2


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