Wedding Wednesday – You’re wearing that?!?

So I accidentally bought a “wedding” dress.

I put wedding in quotes, because it’s really not a wedding dress.  It’s just a random white dress.  And it’s short (comes to my knees).  It does have lots of tule, so that’s very wedding-y.  But it’s from Ross.  And it cost $27.

I saw it and thought, “I’m going to try this on!”  And I liked it.  So I bought it.

I figured I could think about it and always return it.  I’m kind-of a pro at returning things.

Here’s the problem … my roommate hates it.  When I tried it on, and she saw me, her face just went “ewwwwww!”  Then she said, “It looks like you’re a ballerina.”.  And she finished with, “it’s short.”

Remember, this is my 2nd wedding dress I’m buying, so I really don’t feel like I need to buy a big floofy dress.  Also, I’d rather use my money for something else.  Anything else!  Also, I really could care less about a dress.  I’m not going to try on a dress, start crying and say, “it’s the one!”

Then I showed it 2 other friends, and their face made the “ewwww” face too.

Sooooooo … sometimes you can say, “to heck what everybody else thinks!”  However, if NOBODY likes something, then maybe something is really wrong.

So the tule, ballerina dress sits in my closet.  It’s balled up in 2 Ross bags hiding from my fiance.

What to do, what to do?

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