Wedding Wednesday: I’m consumed!

This is embarrassing for me to admit.  I always thought weddings were silly.  Well, the event itself isn’t silly, but blowing $10K and up on 5 hours seems silly to me.

And now I’m doing it.  And the thought excites me!

Well, the thought of planning something and making it happen excites me.  Spending money on dumb stuff DOES NOT excite me.  In fact, it kind-of keeps me up at night.

I honestly can’t stop thinking about this wedding.  And it’s over 200 days away!

Nobody wants to hear boring wedding plans (they might pretend, but nobody really wants to), but it’s ALWAYS ON MY MIND.  I find it hard to sleep sometimes because I keep thinking about it.

Am I alone in this obsessive madness?

Geez, I need a hobby quick!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: I’m consumed!

  1. I LOVE weddings! LOVE LOVE LOVE them… so, I DO want to hear about “boring” wedding details 🙂 So… when you want to blog about them… just pretend you’re writing a letter to me, who really does get excited about them!

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