My new schedule

I’m kind-of loving my silly new ‘life’ schedule.

I have a new job.  Naturally I have the worst hours.  I work 11:30am-8pm.

This leaves me no time to do anything in the morning and pretty much no time in the evening.

However, I modified my life to make me feel normal.

I sleep in until 10:15am.  This give me time to wake up, eat breakfast and leave early for work (since I have to fight Spring Break traffic).  This way, I’m waking up and leaving right for work … just like normal people!

I get home around 9pm and stay up until 1am!  This way, I’m bumming around for a few hours before I go to bed … just like normal people!

Staying up until 1am is a big deal to me, since I normally go to bed around 9pm!  But I’ve been forcing myself to stay up really late, and it’s totally working.

Also, my fiance gets off work at 11:45pm, so we get to spend a little time together before we go to bed.  Otherwise, we would literally NEVER see each other.  And that’s no good.


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