What’s on my bookshelf? (part 3)

Up next … shelf #3!

I love scensy (or how ever you spell it) “candles”. However, they are mega expensive. I find the Walmart versions just as cute!

And that silly Disney robot is a antenna topper. But my Saturn doesn’t have a normal sized antenna, so for now it will rest on my bookshelf.

Look – I actually have books on the bookshelf! Granted most are photobooks from Shutterfly, but they are still books!

And those 2 baseballs are from MLB stadiums. Ball #1 I got at Camden Yards (Oriels) and ball #2 actually hit me at Tropicana Field (Rays).


What’s on my bookshelf? (part 2)

And on the next shelf down is …

… a bunch of junk!

Chris had this green turtle from a family vacation a few years back.  So when we went to Cozumel on a cruise, I bought a girly version!  I would consider using them as my wedding toppers, but I’m guessing frosting would ruin them.

I saw these 4 candle holders at a random store, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.  I’ve never once used them to decorate anything … but I still love them!

What’s on my bookshelf? (part 1)

Welcome to “what’s on my bookshelf”!

I found this pottery at Animal Kingdom theme park. I love it, and I wish I bought more b/c I can’t find it anymore. 😦

My pride and joy!  This lego VW bug took FOREVER to make.  Who knew legos were so hard?

Owning a VW van is on my bucket list. Since I doubt that will ever happen, I figured I’d settle for the lego version.

I found this massive shell on the beach in Kwajalein.  I stuck my hand in there for some perspective.  This shell is huge!  Well, it’s huge when you think it was sitting on the beach.

Looking for a good read?

Head over to my friend Whit’s blog: Banjos and Bordeaux – going home and going crazy.

It chronicles her transition from living in Florida to moving back home to Alabama to help her family rebuilt their home that was 100% destroyed in a fire.

Whit is such a talented writer. Don’t take my word for it … go check it out!

Wedding Wednesday: RSVP cards

Thank you Shutterfly for the random coupon in the mail for 101 free prints!

I ordered my RSVP cards already!

Once again, I used my limited skills with Photoshop, Britt-ish Designs products (that I got free from her blog) and a font from Kevin & Amanda.

They are simple, and I tossed in a hint of Disney. It will probably be the only hint of Disney in our wedding.

Bring on another evening in front of the tv with my blank index cards and glue, and I’ll have these post cards made in no time!

Once again, each of these post cards is costing me around 45 cents (including the 33 cents apple post card stamps). Darn postage really adds up with you’re inviting about 60 families!

Top 3 Tuesday: Movies

This ‘Top 3 Tuesday’ is a no brainer.

Here are my top 3 movies (in order).

1. Tommy Boy. Never gets old. I love Chris Farley. I cried when he died.

2. Back to the Future. When I get around to doing a list on my favorite movie soundtracks, this will be #1 for sure. The instrumental music in this movie is amazing. Plus, I was 10 back in 1985, so I wanted to be in this movie so bad!

3. Saw. Perhaps an odd choice, but I can’t get enough. It’s horror, it’s suspenseful, it’s scary, it’s sad, it’s everything! It’s not just a gross movie. It’s got an amazing plot and amazing character development.

“Oh, you have such nice handwriting …”

It’s true. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but my handwriting is pretty awesome.

Oddly enough, I hear this phrase all the time: Oh, you have such nice handwriting. You should be a teacher!

Really? For the simple fact that my handwriting is impeccable, I should be molding young minds? Is that all the requirements are for an elementary education these days?

Now, the irony is that I WAS a teacher before I moved to Florida. However, I was a high school math teacher, so the amazing handwriting had very little to do with my job.

Although I can still write upside-down like nobody’s business! That’s what a few years of teaching using an overhead projector will do for you.