Top 3 Tuesday: Wedding Registries

I guess I need to start a registry.  I’m not a big fan of registries, but I’ll save that rant for a Wednesday.

But, I guess a registry makes it easier for guests to purchase me a gift.

So, here are the top 3 places I’ll probably register:

1.  Target!  Who doesn’t love Target?!?  The only problem I see is that Target changes out there stuff frequently, so I think I’ll register there pretty late.

2.  Disney!  Our plan is to hop on a FL resident 7 night Disney cruise a week or so after the wedding, so registering for Disney gift cards would help out with that.

3.  Moe’s!  Actually, I’m kind-of kidding.  While I would love to register for Moe’s gift cards as a mild joke (since that’s where our relationship kind-of blossomed), I would hate to get $300 in Moe’s gift cards.  Then I would need $3000 of liposuction!


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