Wedding Wednesday: Registries

I mentioned my dislike for registries the other day, so I guess I’ll specify.

I should mention that I actually worked for Disney’s Honeymoon Registry!  Oh the irony!

While I 100% see why a registry is necessary.  If you’re going to purchase a gift for me, I can see how it would be helpful for me to make a list.  Heck, I create a Christmas list for my fiance, so I guess a registry is the same thing.

I guess what I don’t like about registries is when people ADVERTISE that they are registered.  I know, I  know … people are going to ask where you are registered.  Well, then just tell them.  Please don’t put it on your invitation.  That just … I don’t know … it just kind-of bothers me.

So, will I be registering?  Yes.  Will I be thrilled with what ever gifts people purchase for me?  Of course!  Will I be upset if nobody buys me any wedding gifts.  Heck no.  People don’t get married just for the gifts (do they?!?)


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