Top 3 Tuesday: Reality Shows

I’m not anti-reality shows, but most of them are dumb.

Let me rephrase, most of them are mind-suckingly-awesome, so I try to stay away to protect myself.

However, I do enjoy a good reality show where there is a competition based on skill.

Here are the top 3 reality competition shows I’m loving:

1. Project Runway. I can’t get enough. I enjoy sewing, although I have no idea what I’m ever doing. So this show is amazing to me. Last week Michele was about to get kicked off (which would’ve been a travesty), but Heidi Klum said, “you’re going to get one more chance”. Then the dreaded words nobody wants to ever see came on the screen … “to be continued!”

2. Face-Off. I discovered this show this year. Apparently it’s on season 5 already. It’s all about movie makeup. One part of the show I like is that some people are just not good. So it’s kind-of realistic! Sadly, it just ended, so I have to wait until August for next season.

3. Best Ink. A show about finding the best tattoo artist. These people are so talented, and there’s not too much drama going on. But, they are actually tattooing people. What if something goes horribly, horribly wrong? Does the Oxygen channel pay for laser removal?


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