I’m a pretty girl!

I never went to beauty school (shocker!), but does anybody else paint their toe nails like this?

I mean, it’s just so much easier! I just lather on the polish. After 1 day of wearing socks and about 2 showers, all the polish that is on my skin peels right off, leaving perfectly painted toes!

Also, I wish I had a dollar bill, or something to scale this photo, but I have fairly tiny feet.  I wear a size 6.  And, maybe this is me thinking I’m something special, but my pinkie toe nails canNOT be normal size.  It’s impossible to paint them and not get paint all over my skin.

So I don’t even try to be good.  Give me 2 days and my toes will look amazing!


4 thoughts on “I’m a pretty girl!

  1. I do the same thing and then I use a tooth pick to clean up the edges. Have you tried using a tooth pick to spread the polish on the smaller nails? I do that with my daughters nails sometimes. Or even going into the art department and getting a tiny paint brush (just rinse it well afterwards).

  2. I saw a pin that recomended putting elmers glue on your skin and letting it dry and then painting your nails. Then you can just peel the glue off and the extra polish comes with it. But I’m honestly way too lazy for that. I do the same thing with my toes.

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