Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

I’m not only the thriftiest person on the planet, I enjoy doing things. I struggle to sit in front of the TV and not do something.

So when I got engaged, I knew I was going to do a bunch of stuff, and love every minute of it. (and not freak out that I’m running out of time … so far, so good!)

Thanks to Shutterfly (Coke Rewards) and my limited photoshop skills, I made my Save the Dates.  I used Britt-ish Designs digital scrapbooking stuff and some fonts for peas.

Since I was going to take these 4X6 photos and turn them into post cards, I bought some blank index cards and glue from Wal-mart.

A quick glue job while watching a marathon of Best Ink season 1 and I was done in no time!

I bought those sharpies at Wal-mart a month ago for guest book signing purposes.

And the address labels were super mega cheep (like 75% off) at Vista Print. Actually, they were “free” for me, since I had money in my paypal account from selling stuff on ebay about 5 years ago.

Total cost per STD: about 45 cents (and that includes the 33 cents post card stamp!)

Are they fancy? No!

Are they unique? Yes!

Do I love them? Yippee!!


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