Wedding Wednesday: Undies!

Who is getting married in granny panties?

This girl!

Actually, they aren’t high cut grandma style briefs, but they aren’t cute either.

You see, my dress is on the tight side, and it’s also on the see thru side. I know what I tried it on in the store, you could see my pink & yellow undies big time.

So I knew I’d need some nude undies that didn’t form any lines. VPT is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! VPT – visible pantie lines.

I think we’ve got a winner folks.

I also bought that boring nude colored bra for the wedding, but it didn’t fit at all. Buying a bra when you are an A cup is a huge pain in the butt!



3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Undies!

  1. Um, I’m a little offended at the term “Granny Panties” Esp for those… cause I don’t own any of those. I think I’ve re-defined the term…..

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