Clothes shopping strike!

As I drove by Old Navy this afternoon, I pondered going inside.

It’s “stuff and save” time, where you get 20% off everything you can cram into a bag.  Well, that’s what they used do to.  It was fun plotting and planning how to cram stuff into a tiny bag.  Now they just give you 20% off everything.

They are also having a sale for credit card holders.  Plus I have a a $10 off coupon!

The problem … I need nothing.  And I mean NOTHING.  I have waaaaaaaay too many clothes.  I haven’t grown since about 6th grade, so I’ve got some ‘retro’ and new clothes collecting dust in my closet.

Plus, I enjoy taking old clothes and screwing around with them to make them “new” again, which just addes to the amount of dresses and skirts I own.

It got me thinking, “I don’t need any new clothes EVER!”

So I decided to not buy any new clothes.  At all.  For 1 year.

Wish me luck!  We’ll see how I do!

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