DIY – fabric flower

I love flowers in people’s hair … except for my own. I feel like I look silly.

None the less, I continue to make them, and never wear them.

Step 1:  I bought some pink fabric and some tule from Joann’s. Tule isn’t a requirement by any means, but I was thinking, “maybe I could wear this for my wedding?!?’

Step 2:  I made a super ghetto 5 pedal stencil out of a perfume ad from Cosmo Magazine.

1 is bigger than the other on purpose.

Step 3:  I cut it out and made it way more symmetrical.

I pinned it down on my fabric that I folded, and cut them out.

Step 4:  Take each flower and fold in half, then half again. For some reason I didn’t take a photo of this step.

Step 5:  Sew! all your folded flowers together!

As you see, I did it order – 1 pink, 1 tule, 1 pink, 1 tule, etc …

Step 6: I made 2 big flowers and 2 small flowers.

Step 7: I took 1 big one, flattened it out, and sewed a small one on top.

I was thinking about sewing ALL 4 together, but then that felt way too poofy.

Step 8: I sewed a bobby pin on the back (not pictured) and ta-da!

Wedding worthy, or kind-of cheesy?



One thought on “DIY – fabric flower

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