Wedding Wednesday – DIY birdcage veil

Things to buy:
clear thread
large tule (might be called “Russian” tule)
(that other stuff in the back of the photo is unrelated to this particular DIY project)

Step 1:  Measure your head and add 4 inches. My head is 20 inches, so I bought 24 inches of the large tule.

I only found 7″ tule, so the birdcage won’t cover my entire face. I’m sure larger tule is out there if that’s the look you’re going for.

Step 2:
Fold the 24 inches of tule in half and cut a diagonal line.

Step 3:
Use your clear thread and weave in and out and in and out and in and out all along the right side, the diagonal, the top, the other diagonal and the other side.

This was harder than it sounds because the thread is SUPER CLEAR! I could barely see it.

You’ll be sewing in and out of those little squares on the tule.

The bottom (the longest side) won’t have any stitching.

Here’s an upclose shot of where you’ll do the sewing.  Those teeny tiny squares.  🙂

Step 4:
Pull the thread tight, and there you have it!

My hair is super fine, so I sewed a tiny bobby pin in it.  Although you could use one of those ’80s looking combs too.

Ta-da! I kind-of love it.


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