New Dress A Day wannabe – man’s t-shirt into dress

When Chris moved in (6 months ago) he had a garbage bag full of clothes.

Before I donated them all, I dug thru and found a few gems.

One was this giant blue t-shirt. It’s kind-of ribbed and it’s super soft! (I’m kissing it b/c it’s sooooo soft)

I cut the neck off and hemmed up the sides so it was more fitted.


Since I sewed between the sleeves and the actual shirt, I cut the sleeves off … then I reattached them!

It’s hard to explain, but it was super duper easy!

Basically, the old shoulder and neck were now around my armpit. Therefore, the shirt was now down to my knees.

Perfect dress length!

Since now the front was waaaaaaaay too big (it fell below my boobs), I gathered up a wad of fabric, pinched and stitched!

Since this is t-shirt material, no need to hem anything!

Super cozy!
blue dress



4 thoughts on “New Dress A Day wannabe – man’s t-shirt into dress

  1. Hi Amber!!! I came here throught “New Dress a Day”! I Just LOVE what you did with this T-shirt, althought I didn’t understand very well how you get here… Awesome!
    Kisses from Portugal!

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