Wedding Wednesday – traditions (part 1)

I found this article in Cosmo magazine about silly wedding traditions.

I know my feelings on all of them … but what do you think?

1. The bouquet toss
Cosmo = I used to think the bouquet was the most exciting part of a wedding. When I was 12. As I got older, and the crowd of women around me hungering for the bride’s flowers thinned out to a handful of tweens and me, I realized how awful this tradition really is. Plus, I’m selfish and want to keep my bouquet to myself, m’kay?
Me = I totally agree! I really hate standing up there with other women pretending to care. I really, really wasn’t going to do it at all.

Then I thought, “well, doing one MIGHT be fun? I mean, somebody might enjoy it, right? And it will break up the party a tad.

IDK … the verdict is still out there.

2. The garter retrieval
Cosmo = There’s nothing less sexy than your guy burrowing his head under your wedding dress while your dad—and his—watch. Not to mention your mother, your mother-in-law, your friends…need I go on? My groom can put his head between my legs all he wants on our honeymoon, but not in front of our nearest and dearest.
Me = Yes, yes, yes. When I mean is, “right on Cosmo! Plus my dress is slim fitting and only down to my knees. Therefore there’s no big poofy mess for Chris to climb into to retrieve a garter.

If nothing else, I might put a garter on a mini nerf football and have Chris toss it. I mean, if we do the bouquet toss, the garter toss kind-of goest hand in hand right?

3. Bridesmaids
Cosmo = Why, in 2013, are we still down with the idea of forcing our friends to buy ugly coordinated dresses and stand up in uncomfortable high heels next to us while we get married? There is literally no reason to do this, now or ever. Sure, I suppose some people like the cuteness of taking pictures with their friends in matching outfits, but I did enough of that at the mall’s glamour shot booth in middle school. Not trying to hate on gals who dream of a big bridal party, but I honestly don’t see the point.
Me = Yahoo! Somebody who thinks wedding parties are pointless! Even though they are pointless, they are still fun. And I’m always super glad to be part of a wedding party. I’m still totally having one, but I’m breaking the tradition of everybody wearing the same thing.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – traditions (part 1)

  1. I’m in a wedding this summer. For the dresses – we chose a designer and color and fabric, then each bridesmaid chooses the dress they like. So the dresses coordinate in color and fabric, but we all get to pic the style that suits us. As it is I think a couple chose the same ones, and I am the only one in mine. Also We did dyeable shoes, but pick your own shoes, just all same color. I think I am the only one who choose differently.

  2. I really like the boquet toss, even if it is a lie. I caught the boquet at a few weddings and am still single…. The awkward part is having the stranger who caught the garter pushing it your leg.

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