Wedding Wednesday – traditions (part 2)

More wedding traditions to agree or disagree with! It’s Cosmo magazine vs. me. Let’s see who wins.

4. The white dress
Cosmo = Full disclosure: I bought a white dress for my wedding. But I can’t say I wasn’t tempted by the blush, pink, and red frothy creations that have been floating down runways and taking up valuable real estate in bridal salons. While I chose to wear white—mainly because it fits my personal vision of how I’d like to look as a bride—I don’t like the kinda sexist, virgin-y undertones of the tradition.
Me = I bought a white dress simply because I don’t really like being the center of attention. If I bought some wacky dress, that would REALLY stand out.

Although, I am bucking tradition by wearing a non-wedding dress. I just bought a boring white dress from a non-wedding store.

5. The father give-away
Cosmo = This is another thing I’m probably going to do, even though I’m not totally down with the origin of the tradition—as in, the suggestion that a woman is an object given to her husband from her dear old dad. Still, I don’t want to walk down the aisle alone (I’ll trip and fall on my face, knowing my lack of composure in these types of high-pressure situations), my mom has politely declined the job for fear of the same aforementioned clumsiness, and I have two amazing fathers—my dad-dad and my step-dad—who would happily escort me. And, more importantly, keep me upright.
Me = I will be having my dad walk me down the isle AS WELL AS my mom. Why should dad get all the fun.

What I won’t be doing is the “who gives this woman away?” nonsense. I’m really not looking for anybody’s permission to ‘give me away’.


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