The day I puked a rainbow.

If anybody every asks me, “what your most embarrassing moment” … I don’t have a quality answer. This story isn’t really embarrassing. I’m oddly proud of it.

The story begins in the summer of 2009. I’m in Disneyland. I buy a container of rainbow popcorn, which is a souvenir based on the brand new “World of Color” light show at Disney’s California Adventure.DSCN3652

It’s quite hot outside, but I pig out on popcorn none the less.

Around noon I start to feel a little dizzy. I get motion sickness all the time, so I’m used to this feeling. The odd part is, I hadn’t gone on any roller coasters or spinning rides that morning.

By 1pm I can barely function. I go into the museum-like attraction near the front of the park to lie down on an inside bench (air conditioning!)

10 minutes later a familiar feeling waves over me. I’m about to puke. I’m near the front of the park, so I assume a bathroom must be near by.

I sprint outside and frantically look around for a bathroom. I see one down an allyway!

I get off of Main Street (thankfully), but I don’t quite make it into the bathroom. I hurl ALL OVER THE GROUND …

… and it was GORGEOUS! All that rainbow popcorn came right back up. It looked like a pile of colorful diamonds on the ground (mixed in with my saliva).

As I straddled my vomit (so nobody would accidentally step on it) I thought, “should I take a photo of this? I mean, this is a sight to behold!”

I guess you should be thankful that I DIDN’T take a photo of it. Just take my word for it that colored popcorn + a hot Disney day = a pile of amazing puke.

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