Wedding Wednesday – I <3 this song!

I heard this song on the radio on Sunday and I thought, “I must incorporate this in the wedding somehow!!!”

I don’t know when or where, but let the brainstorming begin!


Bring me your scraps!

What happens when I’m totally bored on Sunday and going thru my pile of scraps?

A pillow happens.


I cut them into long strips.

Sewed them together with the seams showing (using all different thread colors).

You get a mish-mash pillow!


New Dress a Day wannabe – silky skirt!

When I saw this skirt for $1 I had to have it.  The pattern is redonk, and the material is like silk!

The problem is that it comes down to my ankles. When you’re 5′ tall, ankle skirts make you look horrible.

It’s huge! And doesn’t it look like a bunch of spiders or something?

I cut about a foot off. Maybe I could use the rest as a headband?!?

I bought some yellow bias tape and pined it like crazy!

Ta-da! It’s so flow-y!!!
ak skirt

Wedding Wednesday – details, details, details

You know how you already read about brides freaking about about the little tiny details?

Well, I’m not freaking out about them, but I am thinking about them.

Instead of throwing a vase on each table with a pile of flowers, I’m thinking of all sorts of things I can do with the tables.  All pointless stuff that nobody will care about or even notice.

But, hey, why not?!?  I’ve got all the time in the world.  Might as well plan everything to the very last detail.  Then I could pretty much care less if that actually happens.

Why not plan the crap out of this wedding.  If I’m dumping $12K on 4 hours, it might as well be well thought out!

New Dress A Day wannabe – awesome overalls!

Ok – how amazingly awesome (or terrible) are these overalls?!?

Oooooooh yeah! They fit perfect up top, but are a little on the tight side on the hips area. Plus, they are overalls!

Look how long they are!

Step 1 – cut off some of the length

Step 2 – cut the middle of the pants off at the crotch area

Step 3 – everybody’s favorite step, the “pin and pray!” Here I’m pinning up the crotch part into a skirt.


Love it!