New Dress a Day wannabe – pillowcase skirt!

Backstory – I bought my bed from a friend. She also threw in a sheet set. They were Target t-shirt sheets!

T-shirt sheets are the best. They are soooooo cozy. Needless to say, I used them every day! And they got a little worn.

So when it was time to let them go, I didn’t want to. So I grabbed 1 of the pillow cases and fashioned a skirt. It’s now one of my favorite skirts! It’s kind-of hippie-ish and soooooo cozy!!!

Step 1:
Cut 1 side of the pillowcase so it’s a giant rectangle. Then realize that you cute the wrong side, and sew it back up!!

Step 2:
Thread elastic in. You know how the sides of a pillowcase always have really big hem? Well that is my new waistband. It’s already sewn for me!

Step 3:
Pitch the elastic so it’s a tight waist squeeze 🙂 and sew everything closed.



Step 4:
Wear it all the time! You know how you never want to get out of bed because it’s so comfortable? Well, now I’m wearing my sheets!



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