Wedding Wednesday: koozies!

I ordered something super duper original the other day …

Wedding Koozies!!

(I’m obviously being super ironic right now)

Wedding koozies have been done a million times.  I think I designed a pretty rockin’ koozie, but it’s still not an original concept at all.

But you know what … I just wanted a koozie.  Really badly.  I don’t know why (I don’t even drink beer!).  I just wanted my own koozie.

So I ordered 200.  Even though we’re only inviting 90 people to the wedding.  Ha ha ha ha!

Ordering 100 koozies was $82.  Ordering 200 was $87.  It was an easy decision!

So ever party that I EVER  host at my house for the next 4 years, you’re all getting an “Amber & Chris 11/23/13” koozie!


One thought on “Wedding Wednesday: koozies!

  1. We picked out wedding koozies for Allison’s wedding this summer (the one I was in). I found a design on pinterest and our friend Monique who’s a graphic designer tweeked it for her. It had two fish and hooks and said “two less fish in the sea” and on the other side “Allison & Rob July 13, 2013”
    We also have a stash on our boat so we have permanent koozies every time we boat.
    I am most likely not going to be able to make it in November 😦 BUT we will be there in October. If the koozies are done I want one.. or 12. 🙂

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