Caramel Apples!

When your fiance that normally just sits around and watches TV says, “let’s make caramel apples”, you make caramel apples!

I used to make them as a kid with my mom, so I remember the basic jist.

Step 1 – cut chopsticks in half (since we had those laying around the house) and pound them into granny smith apples).

Step 2 – peel the wrapper off each caramel (Zzzzzzzz …) and place in pan with 2 TBSP of water.

Step 3 – melt super, super, SUPER slowly.  Then dip and roll each apple around in there.  Drip a tad and place on to wax paper.

Step 4 – we immediately tried to garnish the apples with Mickey Mouse ears and crushed peanuts.  However, the weight obviously wasn’t in the cards.


Step 5 – re-dip the apples back into the left over caramel.  Besides crushed peanuts, we also used crushed Butterfinger candy bars!

They aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but they are DELICIOUS!!



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