Wedding Wednesday – I’m dreaming again!

Arg!  I had my send wedding nightmare last night.

It all started out with me on a motorcycle, which is weird in itself because I have no desire to ever be on a motorcycle.  The woman in front of me (on another motorcycle) was wearing a thong.  Maybe it’s still Lady Gaga’s MTV performance still in my mind.

Then Michelle (my roommate and bridesmaid) and I were raiding some old lady’s house for glasswear and vases.  She was just sitting at her kitchen table asking us what we were doing.  She seemed quite confused.

Jump to the ceremony.  That went off without a hitch!

But then I’m walking around the HUGE ceremony space.  It was like a mansion.  I saw a bunch of my friends who weren’t invited … you can’t invite everybody.  I was confused, but happy to see them.  However, they were all wearing matching orange Florida Gator t-shirts.  I then saw another couple wearing matching college football t-shirts.  I was confused there the ‘casual football vibe’ was coming from.

For some reason the ceremony started super early, so we had no time to take photos.  So during the reception I was running around like crazy (since the reception was in the biggest place of all time) trying to find the bridal party.  I told the DJ to call them all outside, but the DJ barely spoke English.  I just spend the entire reception waiting outside with Michelle (she got the memo) and taking photos with her.

Also I had a bunch of random photographers show up.  It was almost like a wedding expo.  Vendors everywhere!

I remember feeling like, “this wedding was a total waste of money.  I didn’t get to enjoy any of it!”, and I was really mad at myself.

I woke up super motivated to have all my photos organized so we can barrel thru them and not miss any of the reception!


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