Discovery Cove – snorkeling

If you’re unfamiliar with Discovery Cove, it’s a mini park owned by SeaWorld. It’s big draw is that you get to swim with the dolphins. I honestly didn’t know much about it, because basically all I needed to know is that I was never going there. It’s quite pricey.

So when a friend randomly purchased a ticket for me, I was overjoyed!

The friend didn’t buy me a dolphin swim, but that’s perfectly fine with me. Who knew there was TONS of other stuff to do at Discovery Cove!

One of the main draws (besides all the FREE FOOD) was the huge snorkel tank. They actually give you a snorkel and they let you borrow a mask (you have to return it). They also offer you a vest or a wet suit. When else am I going to ever get the chance to squeeze into a wet suit? I was all for it!DSC01938

Looking back I’m thrilled I choose the wetsuit. For starters, the snorkeling water was FREEZING. Additionally, I could strut my stuff all day and not worry about my butt jiggling or my cellulite scaring small children. A wetsuit sucks all that stuff in!

I brought my underwater camera, which died before I could even take 1 photo, so all I have is this boring above water photo of a ray. Let me tell you, the sting rays are HUGE. And by huge I mean larger than me. I’m totally not over exaggerating. These suckers are easily 5′ across with huge tales. I was amazed and super pissed I forgot my camera.

Besides the huge scary rays, there were fish, fish and more fish. Huge fish and schools of tiny fish. It was quite spectacular.

Would I ever pay to go back? No – because I’m way too thrifty. Although would I highly recommend it to you? Yes!!!


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