Wedding Wednesday – DIY wedding invitations

If you know me, there was no question I was going to DIY my wedding invitations.

A. I enjoy fonts and creating things
B. I’m way too thrifty to pay somebody for something I can do myself
C. This isn’t a fancy wedding.

Step 1 – I bought some cardstock from Micheal’s. This wedding doesn’t have a color palate, so bright, obnoxious colors it is!  The flash is a little weird, but it’s turquoise, hot pink and red.

I cut them into thirds, so they would fit into a regular business envelope (again – being thrifty using lame old envelops).

Step 2 – I printed out the 3 wedding pages I made using photoshop.  I used the awesome fonts from Kevin & Amanda and a cute robot I found on pintrest.

Step 3 – I sewed them together.  I originally had a vision to sew them really, really messy and use red, pink & turquoise thread.  Then I realized that looked dumb, and just stuck with the red zig zag stitch.  So a couple invited had lots of stitching, but most only have red.

Ta-da! That’s it! Piece of cake, and I pretty much love them.


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